Of Control

from by GOD ROOT



Empowerment Over Entitlement, Nature's will over human's


I am the name you've engraved into stone

I am the master of all that I see

I am the sound that consumes your silence

I am the fire that spills into your lungs

I am the fear that betrays your temple

I am the master of my own temple

I wait for the earths mind to be made up

The loss of the light is a sign of remembrance

As I fall away from the dream I'm awakened

The roots under rocks cannot mold my bones yet

When stars are contagious

When the roots have their grasp on me

Then I'll know it's time

Cold is the wind, when the howl is born

A siren to speak to blood

Shadows crawl and snake to dust

and the dirt shrieks its warnings thus:

The wolves have come child

The wolves have come


from GOD ROOT S​/​T, released January 9, 2016
portions of the original guitar writing by Gabe Howe



all rights reserved


GOD ROOT Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Formed in the winter of 2015 by Fred Grabosky of Sadgqacea, Ross Bradley and Gabe Howe. Permanent line up established Summer of 2015.

Fred Grabosky- drums/vocals

Ross Bradley- Bass/vocals

Joe Hughes-
Guitair/back vocals

Jordan Stiff- Guitar/Electronics

Keith Riecke-
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